Downtown San Francisco

I found myself in downtown San Francisco for a Vincent Laforet cinematography workshop. The venue was near Powell and Sutter in Union Square and one of the first hotels I stayed at when I started traveling to SF regularly for work (prior to moving to Oakland): The Rex Hotel. I love all the boutique themed hotels in SF and appreciate being just a BART ride away from all the city’s hustle and bustle.

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Edited with VSCO Film: Polaroid 669, Kodak BW400CN, Fuji FP-300b, Fuji Neopan 400

Wedding Ritual Visuals

I often record small moments like when you suddenly notice the shape of a flower’s leaves or the wind through a tree’s branches. In addition to complementing the wedding theme (nature and ritual) the visuals were commissioned for and setting (the ceremony was in a circle of redwood trees in a wooded area), I wanted the slow pace, repetition, and lack of camera movement to lull the viewing into a contradictory mindset: both at peace but humming with life.

Here is a sample from a 30 minute loop was projected as background visuals at a wedding reception. These were custom created from a wedding which was a fusion of Ukrainian and Irish/Celtic rituals. The wedding colors were purple and green.

Orthodox Neopaganism

Two good friends were married to each other over Labor Day weekend. The venue was an enchanted wooded location near Santa Cruz. They aimed to (and succeeded) in creating a fusion of their two heritages and cultures (Irish/Celtic & Ukrainian). I feel grateful to have been included in such a monumental and beautiful ritual.

As an offering I created a 30 minute visual meditation on nature and life that was played on loop and projected in the background at the reception. I will share a taste of the piece in a future post.

Since the setting was outside, and the reception location and hotel accommodated pets, my dog Pichu crashed the party in my purse. Here are a few of my photos from the event.

griffin_weddingtest-3 griffin_wedding-9griffin_wedding-tbird_flipgriffin_wedding-14 griffin_wedding-11griffin_wedding-10 griffin_wedding-13griffin_weddingtest-6griffin_weddingtest-11griffin_weddingtest-10griffin_weddingtest-8griffin_weddingtest-9griffin_weddingtest-12griffin_weddingtest-2 griffin_weddingtest-1

Wedding Venue: Felton Guild in Felton, CA
Reception Venue: Scotts Valley Hilton